True lactose intolerance is experienced by less than 5% of the population.  


Consumer trials and recent independent validation research have shown that milk processed using the Haelen method results in fresh milk being twice as digestible, than any other processed cow’s milk currently available on the Australian market, all without adding anything to the milk. The reason for this lies in the way Haelen treats the often-problematic whey proteins.  

This research was triggered after a consumer trial in late 2021 showed that two-thirds of trial participants who normally experienced an adverse reaction to cow’s milk found that Haelen processed milk eliminated or reduced this reaction.

With *68% of the global population experiencing some form of difficulty in consuming milk, the result means that more people will be able to enjoy the health benefits of 100% natural, fresh milk without the adverse side effects.  Similarly, Haelen’s unique way of hydrolysing the whey proteins can benefit consumers looking for health support such as improved recovery from intense sport or exercise or improved & faster absorption of milks wonderful nutrients.
*Source: thelancet.com 

How is milk processed using the Haelen method different?

Independent research confirmed that the Haelen method made the milk’s nutrients more bio-accessible providing the potential for increased absorption by the body. One of the differences between standard milk processing (pasteurisation, UHT & ESL) and the Haelen method is how the milk’s whey proteins are treated. With the Haelen method, whey proteins are broken down further than other processing methods allowing for easier and faster digestion as well as enhanced nutrient absorption.

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People who have some of the symptoms of milk intolerance are excluding dairy from their diets and they are running the risk of further health issues. A study of 1184 Australian adults* found that 1 in 6 people choose to avoid dairy and the vast majority of them made the decision without medical advice. The study also revealed that women are more likely to avoid dairy than men despite three quarters of osteoporosis sufferers being women.

What are the health risks of avoiding dairy?

Dairy avoidance can be dangerous, particularly for women. People who avoid dairy are:

  • 72% more likely to get osteoporosis
  • 12% more likely to be vitamin deficient
  • 21% more likely to suffer from digestive problems

A more sensible approach is to try “friendly” milk.  Incorporating a glass of “friendly” milk such as Wholey Milk made with the Haelen method will deliver essential vitamins and minerals while staying friends with your stomach.


The Haelen® technology does not rely on the intense heat used with traditional milk processing, such as pasteurisation, UHT & ESL. This enables greater retention of nutrients, improved digestibility and a long fresh shelf life to compliment the natural creamy taste.

Scientifically validated research by Australia's leading scientific organisation has proven that milk processed using the Haelen Method results in fresh milk being twice as digestible, than any other processed cow’s milk currently available on the Australian market, all without adding anything to the milk. This unique health and wellness advantage creates considerable benefits to the elderly, sports nutrition and recovery, toddlers transitioning to cows milk and people who normally experience adverse reactions to cows milk and are looking for a gut friendly milk.

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