Why is our milk the healthier option?

To answer this question, we need to go back in time. For hundreds of years, milk has been put through a process called pasteurisation to make it safe to drink. There were no significant changes to this method of processing until the Haelen method was developed in 2019.

The Haelen method which is used to create our milk is the first major breakthrough in milk processing technology in over 150 years. But what does that mean and why is our milk better for you?  Unlike pasteurised milk, our milk retains higher levels of vitamins, enzymes and whole proteins whilst still ensuring the milk is safe. Put simply, we leave the good bits in and leave the not-so-good bits out.

What is the Haelen difference?

Pasteurisation heats milk to a minimum of 72°C for at least 15 seconds which essentially cooks the milk and destroys many of the health benefits. Our milk, created using the Haelen method is processed without relying on this damaging heat & therefore retains more of milks natural goodness.

It is also twice as digestible as any other processed milk, making more of milks natural nutrients more bio-available to the body

In addition to the health benefits, the good news is that our milk retains raw milk’s natural taste which means you get to taste milk just as nature intended, straight from the cow.

Haelen 72

We aren’t consuming enough dairy… A 2014 survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that most Australians don’t get enough dairy. On average we should be consuming 2.5 serves a day and for older women that rises to 4 serves a day. In reality, men are getting 1.6 serves per day and women only 1.3 serves per day on average.

Milk processed using the Haelen method allows you to ‘drink less – get more’.

What if one serve of milk could be healthier and give more health benefits than ever before? Australians could enjoy the health benefits they need without changing their routine. Traditional processing reduces many of the vitamins and nutrients in milk. Not our milk. Our milk is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


The Haelen® technology does not rely on the intense heat used with traditional milk processing, such as pasteurisation, UHT & ESL. This enables greater retention of nutrients, improved digestibility and a long fresh shelf life to compliment the natural creamy taste.

Scientifically validated research by Australia's leading scientific organisation has proven that milk processed using the Haelen Method results in fresh milk being twice as digestible, than any other processed cow’s milk currently available on the Australian market, all without adding anything to the milk. This unique health and wellness advantage creates considerable benefits to the elderly, sports nutrition and recovery, toddlers transitioning to cows milk and people who normally experience adverse reactions to cows milk and are looking for a gut friendly milk.

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