Milk plays a major role in Nutrition as we age!

Healthy aging entails multiple aspects, among them eating right, exercising regularly and preventing mental decline. Achieving some of these may be easier than others. No matter how well we do our part, nature has a say in all of them, too.

While the outward signs of aging are usually quite apparent, the inner transformations our bodies go through as we grow older — slowing metabolism, diminishing muscle mass, thinning organ tissue, decreasing bone density — are less evident. Yet these changes are very real. Thankfully, their impact on our overall health and wellbeing can be mitigated with appropriate adjustments in diet and lifestyle.

What is the Haelen difference?

Milk processed using the Haelen method delivers more for less which means that older people can meet their daily requirements more easily compared to a standard processed milk due to Haelen retaining more vitamins, nutrients and bio-active components in the milk and providing more bioavailability of these essential components through improved digestion & absorption into the body.  In addition to the health benefits, the good news is that it retains raw milk’s natural taste, which means you get to taste milk just as nature intended, straight from the cow.

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Meeting altering health needs is not always easy for older adults. For example, due to reduced metabolic rates and sedentary behaviour, most seniors use up significantly fewer calories than they did in their midlife. At the same time, the malnutrition risk grows because of a lessening ability to absorb important nutrients, dehydration, lack of appetite, loss of taste, difficulty with chewing and so forth.  In fact, a recent Australian study found just over 40% of community-living older adults who were receiving home nursing services were either at risk of malnutrition or already malnourished.

Energy requirements decrease with every decade. But while eating less overall, the challenge is to eat more nutrient-rich foods.  As we grow older, our body requires the same amount of protein, vitamins and minerals as it always has, if not more. For instance, after the age of 50, the ability to absorb essential nutrients like vitamins B12 or D gradually diminishes due to reduced acidity in the stomach, which helps break these vitamins down.

This is precisely where Haelen produced milk can provide so much benefit as we get older, being twice as digestible leading to greater availability and absorption of these critical nutritional elements.


The Haelen® technology does not rely on the intense heat used with traditional milk processing, such as pasteurisation, UHT & ESL. This enables greater retention of nutrients, improved digestibility and a long fresh shelf life to compliment the natural creamy taste.

Scientifically validated research by Australia's leading scientific organisation has proven that milk processed using the Haelen Method results in fresh milk being twice as digestible, than any other processed cow’s milk currently available on the Australian market, all without adding anything to the milk. This unique health and wellness advantage creates considerable benefits to the elderly, sports nutrition and recovery, toddlers transitioning to cows milk and people who normally experience adverse reactions to cows milk and are looking for a gut friendly milk.

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