Haelen milk supports weight loss

Losing weight is difficult. Not only can some diets feel overly restrictive, they can also leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied, with nothing stronger than the thoughts about your next meal.

For the majority of us, weight gain creeps up on us, with the average Australian gaining 1kg each year.  This can be due to a many factors, including age.  Too much weight gain puts us at risk of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, several types of cancers and obesity.  Being overweight or obese can cause hormones imbalances, including those that control our appetite, which can make it seem harder still to lose weight.

Starting any weight loss journey is a wonderful move towards a healthier you.  However, be careful on how you do this.  Diets that promise rapid weight loss can seem appealing however they do not give our body’s hormones a chance to rebalance.  Research shows us that hormones that control appetite and satiety can take 12 months or more to reset, which is why quick-fix diets always fail1.  The kilograms on the scales might initially reduce, however our body’s hormones are still at their old levels, and not happy about it.  They work in ways to make us hungrier and hungrier until most people can’t ignore them, and the weight piles back on.  Studies have shown that most people who lose weight will regain most of that weight back over the next 2 to 5 years1.

Haelen milk is fresh milk, made healthier.  Haelen milk uses Haelen technology, which makes the milk safe to drink but keeps the good stuff already naturally in milk, in the milk.  Some of the things in milk that can help on you on your weight loss journey include;

Conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA). 

Studies have shown that CLA added to food, can prevent weight gain and help long-term maintenance of lean body mass2.  This is particularly useful in adults over the age of 50, as lean body mass starts to naturally decline.  Natural CLA volumes are 30% higher in Haelen milk than usual supermarket pasteurised options3

Amino acids. 

Dairy naturally contains essential amino acids such as tryptophan and leucine, however these are reduced by normal milk processing.  Tryptophan, and other essential amino acids such as leucine and lysine, are retained with Haelen processing.  Many studies have shown that these amino acids play an important role in increasing satiety in humans, when taken as part of a meal4.  Enjoying foods high in amino acids, such as dairy, can help us feel full immediately after a meal, but also help keep satiety high for hours afterwards4.  As Haelen milk is rich in amino acids, it can help play an important role in any calorie-controlled diet.

Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM). 

Completely destroyed by normal milk processing, research is emerging that shows the MFGM to be its own kind of superfood.  Containing a mix of fats and proteins, we are learning from research, that components of the MFGM can prevent cholesterol absorption5, prevent ageing and positive mental health, whilst other aspects of the MFGM can increase satiety and reduce cholesterol6

Further to this, a different aspect of the MFGM has been demonstrated to help reduce infections and play an important role in cognitive health, including reducing risk of depression and Alzheimer’s disease5

Dairy has long been linked to positive weight control, and associated with a reduced risk in many factors that can cause obesity, such as insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and metabolic syndrome7,8,9,10.  These studies often note that it is full fat milk, not low fat or skim milk, that is the milk to drink to reduce these diseases11.    Including full-fat dairy milk as part of a weight management, or weight loss diet improves lean body mass, reduces overall waist circumference and reduced body fats compared to other diets that did not include dairy11.

Haelen milk offers all the benefits of fresh milk, and more.  Using Haelen processing, Haelen milk retains more of the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that our bodies need.  Enjoying 2-3 serves of Haelen milk each day will help keep you healthy and ready to enjoy the day more.


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The Haelen® method treats milk with a gentle cold method rather than through intense heat through pasteurisation, meaning improved flavour and nutrition which is lost to traditional processing.

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