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Daily Mail 2021:

Australian company is set to release world-first milk

Daily Mail news article regarding the launch of Haelen Technology.

  • Food tech company, Naturo, is planning to release the natural milk next month
  • The product is unpasteurised and can kill certain bacteria that is found in milk
  • The company hopes to produce up to ten million litres a year and export to Asia 
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The Haelen® technology does not rely on the intense heat used with traditional milk processing, such as pasteurisation, UHT & ESL. This enables greater retention of nutrients, improved digestibility and a long fresh shelf life to compliment the natural creamy taste.

Scientifically validated research by Australia's leading scientific organisation has proven that milk processed using the Haelen Method results in fresh milk being twice as digestible, than any other processed cow’s milk currently available on the Australian market, all without adding anything to the milk. This unique health and wellness advantage creates considerable benefits to the elderly, sports nutrition and recovery, toddlers transitioning to cows milk and people who normally experience adverse reactions to cows milk and are looking for a gut friendly milk.

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