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Daily Mail UK 2019:

Fresh milk that lasts 90 DAYS

The Daily Mail UK reported in May 2019 about our scientific breakthrough that means Aussies will soon be able to keep favourite drink in the fridge for months.

Australians will be able to drink fresh milk that’s been in the fridge for three months, thanks to a food technology company’s world-first breakthrough.

Naturo Pty Ltd, from the Sunshine Coast, is behind the revolutionary innovation, which is set to bring in a fortune in exports.

The patented technology is able to kill the bacterium that makes untreated milk harmful to drink, and allows for refrigerated milk to stay fresh for 90 days.

The innovation has been given the green light after being independently tested and validated by industry regulator Dairy Food Safety Victoria, who approved the process as healthy and safe.

You can read the full article here, on the Daily Mail UK website.


The Haelen® method treats milk with a gentle cold method rather than through intense heat through pasteurisation, meaning improved flavour and nutrition which is lost to traditional processing.

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