Safe Food QLD Accreditation

Announcement: Wholey Milk is granted Safe Food QLD Accreditation

We are extremely pleased to announce that The Wholey Milk Company has gained full regulatory approval & accreditation from Safe Food Queensland for our pilot milk plant here in Coolum, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

This is another significant milestone on our exciting journey and we are very proud of our technical team for the huge amount of work that has gone in over many months in achieving this.

This accreditation now enables us to produce and sell Wholey Milk commercially using our world-first Haelen process, although we still have a few more things we would like to complete before we stock the shelves.

We will keep you updated as we progress forward.


The Haelen® technology does not rely on the intense heat used with traditional milk processing, such as pasteurisation, UHT & ESL. This enables greater retention of nutrients, improved digestibility and a long fresh shelf life to compliment the natural creamy taste.

Scientifically validated research by Australia's leading scientific organisation has proven that milk processed using the Haelen Method results in fresh milk being twice as digestible, than any other processed cow’s milk currently available on the Australian market, all without adding anything to the milk. This unique health and wellness advantage creates considerable benefits to the elderly, sports nutrition and recovery, toddlers transitioning to cows milk and people who normally experience adverse reactions to cows milk and are looking for a gut friendly milk.

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